Colorful Kindle Covers–Hooked & Stitched

I’ve grown attached to my Kindle. I take it everywhere. So it was time to locker hook and stitch a protective cover.┬áStay tuned for free patterns and an instructional video on Color Crazy for making Kindle covers. You can design them to fit any Kindle–even the new Kindle Fire.

I’m always inspired by beautiful color combinations and this was certainly the case with my new Kindle cover design below. I bought a beautiful piece of fabric that is batik, but actually hand painted. The fabric colors are rich and layer beautifully. To preserve the look I used my new “ruched frames” technique that I think enhanced this layered look. Once I finished this one, I had to finish one I started last year. The second design uses a free form design with vibrant fuchsias and velvety chocolate petals. I used the Color Crazy Winter Berries Sari Strips to make the “ruched frame” for this one.

Autumn Fire Kindle Cover--Locker Hooked and Stitched by Theresa Pulido


Petals Kindle Cover--Locker Hooked & Stitched
Petals Kindle Cover--Locker Hooked & Stitched by Theresa Pulido

This Petals Kindle Cover uses chocolaty velvet strips for the petals with the “ruched frames” technique.┬áThe closures for both came easily–a vintage button for the first, with wood beads (I’d had these for ages!) and colorful beads for the second one. So glad I finished both of these. Now on to the next project…a new iPad cover design.