tmpulidomarch2013A_mediumTheresa Pulido is the proprietor of Color Crazy, an online craft and hobby store.  She loves gardening, crafting, cooking and photography. Theresa has always been fanatical about color—most likely an influence from her Spanish heritage. In her free time, she assists her husband with home winemaking on their 125-vine project vineyard called Giraffe Wines. They’re currently working on their 6th vintage. Theresa lives in Sonoma, California, with her husband Chris and her cats Whinnie and Scotch.

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  1. Hi Theresa,

    I only want to say, I’m learning lots about locker hooking by reading your book; Locking Loops, and thank you for writing such a good instructional.

  2. When I discovered Lockerhooking I was in Edison end Fords Wintergarden in Ft Myers Florida in 2009.I saw two ladies making some handicraft one was quilting, and the other on was doing a bathroom rug,and i thought it looks wery fun,but I didn’t ask the lady anything about it because I was to shy.
    When I come home to Sweden I started my detective work looking in every store for the needle and canvas.I also looked on internet but I didn’t know the name of the handicraft.
    I found a webbsite where You can by hooks needles and stoffs to knittiing , and I mailed here and ask if she had seen a crothethook with an eye in one end and a hook in the other.She send me an adress of hooks from Japan,and there I got the name Lockerhook.Then it was easier to Google on the net.
    When I looked for somewhere to buy it I found a store in England,which sold startingkit so I bought it from there,I saw also the name Teresa Pulido in some article about her book,so I visited a Swedish bookselling link and they could get it to me.
    I have made some different kind of totes and bangle bracelets,and now am I making one with the new technique ruched frames,and it is nearly ready.
    I like lockerhooking very much and I have also inspired my daughter to try.


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