Color Bound? Have a Colorful Adventure…

It’s easy to fall in love and become attached with certain colors. You’re bound to create with just those shades of say blue or green. Trying unusual or new color combinations can be challenging but so rewarding. Give it a try. Below  are my recent locker hooked and stitched projects in bold color designs. Techniques used are featured in my upcoming “Locking Loops” book. I went in search of similar color combinations and discovered some beautiful designs. Check out my finds in some expected and perhaps unexpected color combinations below. You may be inspired to try something new.

Locker Hooked Designs Feature Wide Wrapped Edges and New “Ruched Frames” Technique

Materials Used: Color Crazy Fabric Strips, 5-Mesh canvas, Jute Twine, Color Crazy Sari Ribbon, Jacquard Products Cernit Polymer Clay, Jacquard Products Lumiere paint,  and glass tiles.

Locker hooked Tic Tac Toe in Turquoise and Gold
Mini Tic Tac Toe Board Locker Hooked in Gold & Turquoise with Polymer Clay Candy Kisses & Glass Tiles

Mini Tic Tac Toe Locker Hooked with Banana Silk & Glass Tiles

Kindle Cover In-the-Works: Hooked and Stitched with "Ruched Frames" in Fuchsia Burgundy & Recycled Silk, Chocolate Velvet & Peachy Metallic Yarn

Inspirational Designs:

Unique Seating in Gold with Turquoise, Copper & Tan Pillow Accents

From FloorArtEtc on Etsy: Turquoise & Chartreuse Silk Pillow with Touches of Red

Indonesian Hand Dyed Cotton in Gold, Coral & Mauve

From Etsy: BlindSquirrel's Fuchsia & Tangerine Nuno Felted Scarf
Adam Kaser's Glass Seashell in Frosted Gold & Wine