Crazy About Blues & Tiny Locker Hooked Designs

I’m still going bonkers over the color blue–whether it’s a sweet pale blue, dusty silvery blue, or a shimmering turquoise or dark indigo. Below is a recent find from a local consignment shop–an antique chair in a rich teal leather. The locker hooked Zebra Pillow, featured in the “Hook, Loop, & Lock” book, provides a nice accent. I also found a watery blue ceramic dish in a unique design. It’s a berry colander. Lately, I’ve been inspired toward developing smaller locker hooked designs. And yes, it’s the smallest ever locker hooked design and rug, if you will–the locker hooked ring! Check out the different ring designs in vibrant colors below.

Antique Blue Chair with Locker Hooked Zebra Pillow

Berry Bowl with Leaf Platter from Etsy
A Locker Hooked "Turquoise Blossom" Ring
"Sail Away" Locker Hooked Ring
"Citrus Swirl" Locker Hooked Ring
"Turquoise Blossom" & "Sail Away" Locker Hooked Rings--Top View