Hooked on Sari–Colorful Locker Hooked Bangles in GreenCraft Magazine

Stampington & Company's "GreenCraft" Magazine Features Locker Hooked Bangle Bracelets

I’m hoping this year more people will discover locker hooking. I’m working on sharing more about this craft, and thanks to Stampington & Company and their beautiful and collectible publications, more crafters will discover it this spring.  Their latest issue of GreenCraft Magazine features my contributed article, “Hooked” on Sari,” covering locker hooking bangles with recycled sari fabric and silk strips. The bangles feature the standard locker hooking technique  covered in both of my books. The rich blue and green bangle with the silver clasp is made using the new “Ruched Frames” technique introduced in my Locking Loops book. 

Color Crazy has a free pattern and the “How to Locker Hook a Bangle Bracelet” tutorial video. You can also find some great locker hooking supplies like bundles of Color Crazy Sari Ribbon, canvas and tools.


Locker Hook Bangle Bracelets with
Fabric Remnants

"Hooked on Sari" Article in "GreenCraft" Magazine

Locker Hooked Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets– Locker Hooked, Blue & Thin Designs with Ruched Frames

The bangle designs above are locker hooked on 5-mesh canvas with recycled sari fabric and silks. They’re framed with silk and rayon ribbon.

Sari Ribbon Bundles
Color Crazy Sari Ribbon–Available in 5 Different Color Combinations