Creative Locker Hooked Designs

I post about locker hooking all the time–about techniques, materials, and my own designs and patterns. If you’re new to locker hooking, you may not know the amazing creative possibilities. In this post, I celebrate the creativity I’ve discovered in locker hooked designs from customers, friends, and creative folks via social media. From small to large projects- the use of color, texture and artistic flair in these is inspiring.

The Water Carriers
The Water Carriers - locker hooked wall hanging by Debra Cottner
The Water Carriers – by Debra Cottner

The Water Carriers is an amazing wall hanging by Debra Cottner on 5-mesh canvas. She first discovered locker hooking on YouTube when she saw my how-to video. She says she’s been “hooked” ever since. Debra loves to craft and has made over 60 no-sew blankets she’s been donating. She likes to work with plastic canvas and has made a rug, colorful doilies and tissue boxes. She also also likes to paint. For her wall hanging, Debra chose hand-dyed Color Crazy fabric strips. I love the contrast of the bright colors against the rich chocolate espresso background,  and the interest created by alternating the direction of looped rows. She found an arrow hanger to accent her design perfectly and added a special touch with beaded loops.

Locker Hooked Runner
Stacie Schaat's Locker Hooked Runner
Stacie Schaat’s Locker Hooked Runner
Stacie Schaat's 7' Locker Hooked Runner
Stacie Schaat’s 7′ Locker Hooked Runner

Stacie Schaat makes beautiful world map quilts and throw pillows that she sells through her shop Yellow Spool.  I like the simple clean lines in her designs. They’re available in a variety of color combinations. I can only imagine the amount of leftover scraps. She decided to use them for a rug project that turned into this stunning seven foot runner with a colorful geometric design.

Shimmering Journal Cover
Locker Hooked Shimmering Journal Cover - by Carolyn Morton
Shimmering Journal Cover by Carolyn Morton

Inspired by the design featured on the cover of the Hook, Loop & Lock book, Carolyn Morton used various materials–ribbon, fabric strips, fibers & recycled silk to create this gorgeous journal cover. She ordered a custom Color Crazy kit and added some ribbons. Turquoise shades with cocoa colors just never get old. Carolyn also discovered locker hooking by watching a how-to Color Crazy video.  She is now an avid locker hooker and has created numerous designs including trivets, purses, mats. She recently hooked some team spirit inspired creations with school colors and jute twine. Carolyn and her husband love to travel and she finds locker hooking is a great take along on trips.

Carolyn Morton's team inspired locker hooked designs.
Carolyn Morton’s team inspired locker hooked designs.
Stitched & Hooked Shoulder Bag
Kathy Koeslin's locker hooked bag.
Kathy Koeslin’s locker hooked bag.

Kathy Koeslin stitches great bags together with locker hooked panels. She used re-purposed t-shirts to create this one. Locker hooking is a great way to recycle and create something new and useful.

I hope you find these designs inspirational and will try something new with locker hooking. Embrace your creativity and stay tuned for more unique and colorful finds and ideas.