Locker Hook a Spring Garden Bouquet

Spring Bouquet Locker Hooked Panel KitI love the colors of spring and the vibrant energy in the garden when everything is blooming. There’s so much to choose from for inspiration. So of course it took me forever to decide on the Spring design for this series of Garden Panels. I started out with a completely different design and must have changed the pattern ten times. The design that emerged after all of this back and forth with editing and changing colors could be poppies or peonies–some of my all time favorites. The fabric strips used are the new Color Crazy Vintage Weave cotton and the hand-dyed batiks. They pair beautifully, and together provide nice texture and contrast. The kits for the Garden Panels include canvas, fabric strips, ribbon, yarn, color pattern in actual size for easy tracing and instructions. Tools are sold separately.

The Garden Panel Series — Locker Hooking Kits: Winter, Spring & Autumn (summer coming soon!)

Inspiration From the Garden

These Garden panel designs are inspired by what grows each season in my garden, and to be honest,  my neighbor’s garden also (there are over 100 rose bushes!). So far, I’ve created winter and autumn designs, and now the spring bouquet with a bright and sort of retro look. Summer is next. Hmmm…maybe dahlias or zinnias for summer…

I am in love with the colors of the new Color Crazy Vintage Weave collection–Aqua, Daffodil, Tangerine, and a red-orange Poppy color. The fabric is reminiscent of fine linen. So fresh! The petals for this design called for a different look so I decided some gros point (large) stitches were in order. Love the look of the slightly puffy petals. At first, it may seem more complex, but once you finish the first flower, you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the design. It’s amazing what you can achieve–both in texture and design–with this easy and simple craft and a few stitches.

“If you’re going to give this a try, I highly recommend watching the Techniques for Creating the Spring Bouquet Video.”

Everything You Need to Locker Hook This Garden Design

Color Crazy kits for these garden panel designs include all of the materials you need. You may already own the tools–a locker hook and tapestry needle. If not, be sure to purchase these also. Be sure to watch the tips and techniques video to get familiar with the steps. Once you complete one, you’ll be ready to try the next one. Make the whole collection of Garden Panels and create your own designs. The panels measure approximately 11 1/4″ square and can be displayed beautifully on easels or hung as wall art. You can easily add a backing out of felt or fabric. I personally love the look of them on a wrought iron easel. There’s a permanent spot reserved for the Garden Panels on the peninsula in my kitchen.