A Creative Journey During Covid Produces a Beautiful Rug

During Covid, Color Crazy customer Meg Ann Moorhead found the inspiration to complete a gros point stitched rug on 5 mesh canvas. Meg is an artist that had advanced a career in advertising but had started to get back into art and especially silk screening when Covid struck. She had been attending art courses at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but it all came to a halt.

Meg’s husband is an infectious disease research doctor so he was incredibly busy and working from home during Covid. When they could, they would take online yoga classes together. It was during one of these sessions when they were doing yoga on a rug her dad had gifted her some 40 years past—specifically in the downward dog position—that she realized the rug had areas that needed patching. Instead of working on it, however, she started her own rug realizing that due to Covid, she had plenty of time on her hands. The result is a beautiful, hand-stitched rug in a floral pattern in vibrant hues, hand-stitched on 5-mesh canvas.

Meg mentioned that her dad was a great inspiration and had stitched various designs including rugs and pillows. After seeing the designs, we could see how father and daughter have the same amazing talent. We just had to ask Meg a few questions about her creative process and gros point stitching…

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I actually got inspired by a pair of yoga pants! But anything can inspire me. Right now, I’m working on another rug for a bedroom with Color Crazy’s 5-Mesh Canvas. I am taking some of the motifs from the duvet and pillow covers.

What brand of yarn do you use and what do you look for?

When I was looking to mend my dad’s rug, I was doing research like crazy. I found Halcyon Yarns to have a good range of colors and the right weight. But I am always looking for other yarns if anyone has any suggestions.

How long does it take to complete a gros point stitched rug?

It took me over a year to design and make it. I designed it on my computer using Photoshop. During Covid there were supply chain issues, so sometimes I just had to stop working until I could get more yarn. Supply chain issues seem to be fixed now so I’m curious to see how long this next rug will take me.

You mentioned that your dad was an inspiration. How and when did he get started with gros point needlework? Was it a hobby?

My dad and I were very similar. We both made our living in advertising but always had to be creative outside the job. We also can’t just sit and watch TV. We need to keep our hands busy.

What are you working on now? Can you share with readers what you will be creating?

I’m working on another rug. This one is for a bedroom which I mentioned above. It is going to be a little bigger—a 9-foot by 9-foot square. And I am finally mending my dad’s rug which is taking a lot of time since I have to rip out some areas before I can fix them.

Do you add a backing to your rugs? How do you finish them?

Yes, the rugs have to be backed. I take it to my needlepoint store and they have someone that finishes pillows and backs rugs. It takes a while, but I am excited to see it and get it back.

Meg’s story is so inspirational, and I’m sure there are plenty of us out there that created more than ever during Covid. Meg’s rug turned out so beautiful, but if you’ve never tried gros point stitching, maybe a pillow on Color Crazy 5-mesh canvas is a great way to get started before you tackle a larger rug.