Designing and Hooking Saddle Pads: A Journey of Creativity

hooked wool saddle blanket

Color Crazy customer, Jeanine Brennon, designs super comfy and plush wool saddle blankets. As a stay-at-home Mom of four, her saddle blankets are more than just a hobby, they’ve turned into a truly creative passion. We asked Jeanine a few questions about her techniques and inspiration. Enjoy!


When it comes to designing and hooking saddle blankets, my journey began about six years ago, thanks to my talented mother-in-law, Crystal Brennan. She introduced me to the art of making Pulled Wool Saddle Pads, setting the stage for a passion that would take flight.

In just ten minutes, Crystal showed me the basics of creating a saddle pad, and from there, my creativity soared. I was fascinated by the process of dyeing my own wool and experimenting with different patterns on the canvas. It was the perfect blend of artistry and functionality.


One of my favorite techniques for making these blankets involves using a simple latch hook. With this basic tool, I meticulously pull the wool through the canvas, skillfully splicing in wool as I progress. The process is both calming and fulfilling, allowing me to bring my designs to life one loop at a time.

When it comes to the materials I use, I believe in the power of natural fibers. That’s why I source 100% natural wool from Ohio for my saddle blankets. The quality and durability of this wool are unparalleled, ensuring that each saddle pad is built to withstand the demands of equestrian adventures.


As for my favorite tools, there are only two that I rely on. First and foremost, my canvas (Color Crazy’s 3.75 Mesh Canvas) provides the foundation for my creations. Secondly, the Color Crazy Ergonomic Latch Hook is my secret weapon, saving my hands from strain and ensuring precise and efficient craftsmanship.

An Outlet for My Creativity

To see my showcased designs, customers can find me on Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, I share photos and updates about my creations, giving customers a glimpse into the world of JBrennan Pulled Wool Saddle Pads. Through these channels, I connect with fellow horse enthusiasts and showcase the unique beauty of each custom-made saddle blanket.

Horse blanket hooked with wool on 3.75 Mesh.

What sets my saddle blanket designs apart is the personal touch. Every order I receive is custom-made to match the unique specifications of each customer. While the standard size is usually 32x32x2, I love diving into new designs that incorporate people’s brands or following my own creative instincts. Of course, there’s also something timeless and elegant about a plain, natural white pad that never goes out of style.

In terms of longevity, saddle blankets can last for many years with proper care. Our personal saddle pads have been going strong for five years now. We make sure to clean them thoroughly twice a year, in the spring and fall, ensuring their longevity and performance. However, just like anything in life, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a fresh new pad and revel in the joy it brings.

For me, making saddle pads has become more than just a hobby. As a stay-at-home mom of four, it has become an outlet for my creativity and a source of immense satisfaction. It allows me to combine my passion for horses with my love for art, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.

So whether you’re looking for a custom saddle blanket that reflects your unique style or simply want to explore the world of pulled wool saddle pads, I invite you to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. I would love to do these saddle pads. I have done many rug hook kits. But I have horses and would love to make my own colourful saddle pads. Is it the same as rug hook? Where do u get the wool and canvas from? I would love to learn how. Thankyou

    1. Hi Wendy, I missed seeing your post. We will try and get some resources from Jeanine Brennan and update the post. Stay tuned.

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