Holiday Giveaway Over $120 Worth–Crafting this Season?

I just added some lovely new products to Color Crazy and I can’t wait to see what customers will do with them so I’ve decided to do another giveaway to inspire some creativity. I just added hand-dyed Hanah Silk Ribbon in beautiful colors, Lumiere metallic fabric paints, 6-mesh canvas for wearables, and a unique molded purse frame. I also added a Color Crazy collection of beads in fun colors. The combination of what you can create is endless. All you have to do is post on this blog (and on the Color Crazy Facebook page if you’d like) and let me know what you plan to or would like to locker hook this holiday season. A drawing will be conducted and a winner announced on this blog the day after Thanksgiving on Friday, 11/25/11.

For this giveaway (Over $120 in value), I’m including an autographed copy of my new book Locking Loops, 5-mesh 12″ x 12″ canvas squares, 30″ x 36″ 6-mesh canvas, a swatch of linen burlap, Color Crazy Fabric Strips in holiday colors, Hand-Dyed silk ribbon in four colors, a bead collection, three jars of Lumiere paint, Quick Grip fast drying adhesive, and a set of locker hooking tools.

Holiday Giveaway from Color Crazy
Holiday Giveaway Valued at Over $120
  1. I have not tried hooking rugs with this method but I’d love to learn. Actually I saw your blog’s name on Sew Cal Gal’s blog. Now I’m a new follower. Looking forward to going back through your blog to see what I’ve been missing.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway and a chance to win.


  2. I purchased your first book as I was looking for a way to start using up a large fabric stash I inherited from my mother. So far I have made the large pumpkin mat, sets of coasters, ornaments and burlap bags with christmas motifs on them. Been having a lot of fun, and even sold several items at our holiday church bazaar. I am going to use the bags for gifts, and the ornaments to adorn packages. I have your second book on my Christmas wish list!

  3. I already purchased my mexican tiles to make the great trivets. I can’t wait.. love the way you did them!!! Never did locker hook before.. Can’t wait!!! Putting down my knitting and starting soon!!!!

  4. Wow what a fabulous giveaway!! I Love working on mats, rugs, and trivets. But, now I really want to make a purse!

  5. I love, love, love this craft. I’ve been collecting all kinds of fabrics to incorporate into my creations. The next project is an area rug which will be quite ambitious. Can’t wait to get started. This kit would certainly help me to incorporate different techniques into the rug. It would be SOOOOOOO nice to win. Happy Holidays and thanks for the ideas.

  6. I tried my hand at rug hooking along time ago. This looks like fun. A purse, or litte bag would be nice.
    Will like you on Facebook.
    Nice give away!!

  7. This would be a great way to get started into Locker Hooking. A trivet sounds like a project that I could handle, then look out.

  8. I’d love to try Locker Hook for the first time! Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  9. Just recently found your book, and am excited to get started on my first project. I’m going to try making bangles as holiday gifts. I’m also intrigued with ideas for containers/baskets, or maybe a laptop sleeve.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I have never tried Locker Hook either, but would love to learn. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  11. I have your 1st book and have decided to make some coasters for my 1st project. Your book and your website are inspiring!

  12. I am working desperately to try and finish a cute hooked rug for my grandson’s nursery. It is brown with green circles on it. I am new to locker hooking and I don’t buy enough material! I don’t realize how much material it takes to make it! Then when I go back to the store it is all gone! Hopefully I will get this done before he is too old and his mom changes his room color!

  13. I am working desperately to try and finish a cute hooked rug from my grandson’s nursery. It is in brown with green circles on it. I am new to locker hooking and I don’t buy enough material! I don’t realize how much material it takes to make it! Then when I go back to the store it is all gone! Hopefully I will get this done before he is too old and his mom changes his room color!

  14. I recently got some beautiful tiles at a craft show and planned to use them in some trivets. The trivets will go with some other kitchen goodies for Christmas presents. Thanks for all of the inspirations!

    1. You’re welcome Tonya! Please do share your trivets once you’re done. I’d love to see what you create with the tiles you found. I’m sure others will be inspired too.

  15. Hooking has certainly taken on a whole new meaning! Your inspiring video’s and the “helper” Calico Kitty really sold me! I ordered the Hook, Loop & Lock book and a trivet kit to practice. Since then I have been making trivets for family & friends for Christmas. Now I am in the process of creating a whimsical cat wall hanging and incorporating some of my antique buttons. When the main focus (the cat) is finished I will decide if anything else neds to be added as well as a border. I have gathered up my old cross stitch books to mark patterns on the canvas for further projects. Another idea that I can hardly wait to get into is to use silk, ribbons, & or metalic yarns to create a one of a kind evening bag with an antique button closure that will compliment my dress shoes and evening dresses. I don’t rush projects but would be glad to share and post completed projects that I am proud of. Since newly retired from working with special needs children I will have plenty of time as the snow season approaches to dig into my imagination, relax & hook. Caution: watch out for curious house cat’s who have their eye on the material and yarn you are using… they try to escape with it! =)

  16. “Red & Green” “Red & Green” “Red & Green”~ HoLiDaY CoLoRs~ So my thought process goes like this…….those colors and kitchen color tiles from my local Menards which equal “Christmas-Kitchen-Trivets” which then equal Christmas presents for all my family and friends!!!!!! Yipppeee…..hope my chances for your new book will make me one happy Christmas recipient! Thanks for the opportunity Teresa~ p.s. to all my family and friends don’t read this post 🙂

  17. It would be hard to narrow down what I WANT to make, but I plan to make some trivets for my sister, ornaments for our tree, and I would love to make a tote bag for myself, if I have any time left…All from the first book–so inspirational!

  18. I am quite inspired by your blog and love the photos, so wonderfully colourful. I am hoping to make a few trivets for gifts and a bag for myself

    1. This worked. Thanks for your email too. So glad to hear you’re enjoying the newsletter and trying thick yarn. If you decide to join Facebook, do post some photos on the Color Crazy page.

  19. I have been “hooking” off and on for a while now but just recently started to dig in and create more projects. One thing I started doing and has made such a difference in my projects is dying my canvas with Rit dye the main color of the project I am doing. I just put some dye in a glass dish and dip my canvas until it reaches the color I am trying to achieve. Give it a try!

    1. Dionne, that’s a great idea. I actually spray painted some canvas for the “Farmers Market Tote Bag” in my “Locking Loops” book. And, I left some of it exposed. I love the way it looks. Love the Rit dye idea–especially useful to blend canvas into fibers and fabric so it is not visible. Thanks for the tip! I hope you post your projects on Facebook to share with others. 🙂

      1. I forgot to mention, I dye my yarn as well with the Rit dye if i cannot find the color I am looking for or if I want.

      2. Just curious Dionne, have you heard of and tried iDye by Jacquard Products? I used it to dye some fabric for one of the projects in the “Locking Loops” book.

  20. I can see something sweet for my grandnieces and mother hiding in this awesome giveaway package – headbands, trivet, maybe a potholder or mug rug, and trim for lamps. Of course, could change my mind once see all those projects in your book. Thanks for such a nice giveaway.

  21. I am totally hooked on locker hooking! I just finished a little basket for items on my desk at work (I’ll post a picture on Facebook) and am working on a 11″ x 14″ pillow, using soft yarn as my medium. Many thanks, Theresa, for getting me interested in this great craft!

    1. Debbie, thanks for posting on the FB page. I adore the little basket! It’s very whimsical. Glad I was able to inspire you to give this a try. I hope to inspire more people as it is still pretty much an undiscovered craft.

  22. The hand-dyed Hanah Silk Ribbon looks beautiful!!! I would love to make a lampshade with them!!
    I finally found a locker hook (I couldn’t find it here in Portugal), so now I can start with the projects!! At last!!!
    I am already looking for fabrics to make the garden preserves basket on page 38, I would love to sell my preserves on them!! All the profits of my sales will go to neutering and vaccinating a group of stray cats, since the litters are usually drowned by the locals… hope to sell a lot…

    1. Hi Cristiane,

      So glad you found a locker hook. If you find a store that wants to buy more, I have them for sale. 🙂
      I love cats! Glad to hear you will donate to such a great cause.

  23. This is such a wonderful gift! I just finished a trivet and I loved the way it turned out. I’m planning to do a basket next and then I’d like to try a purse. Thanks!

    1. Karen, glad to hear you had happy results with the trivet. Making a small mat or trivet is the best way to get started. I hope you will share your basket and purse on Facebook once they’re completed. 🙂

  24. Whooa !!! This is a fab giveaway !!! Thank you for this opportunity !
    On my to do list I have the indigo trivet kit and the welcoming mat from your first book to make !!!

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