New “Locking Loops” Book & Inspiration Giveaway!

I was so surprised when I heard my new book Locking Loops was released and started shipping earlier this month. I was expecting it at the end of the month–possibly September. The new Locking Loops book covers the use of different materials and new techniques with 30 unique designs to wear, give, or for home decor. You can buy an autographed copy from the Color Crazy website. You can also see a Locking Loops video preview on Color Crazy produced by my publisher F+W Media, or at the link below:

The Locking Loops Inspiration Giveaway!

It’s fun to give gifts and a giveaway package designed to inspire is even more fun. In an effort to inspire more locker hookers, I’m giving away an autographed copy of the new “Locking Loops” book along with a wonderful variety of supplies valued at over $120.00.

To enter the drawing post a comment on this blog  or become a fan by liking the Color Crazy Facebook page and post there too. Let me know how you discovered locker hooking and what you would like to make. In addition to the new Locking Loops book, you’ll also get 3 different canvas types, a collection of fabric strips, tools and embellishments–including beautiful tiles and a clasp. Total value: over $120.00. The winner of the drawing will be announced in my next newsletter, in this blog and on Facebook on the first day of Autumn, Friday, September 23, 2011. Enter the drawing and please share this with friends that may also be interested!

Looking Loops Inspiration Giveaway: Book & Over $120 in Locker Hooking Supplies

To view photos of the designs and new techniques featured, visit a gallery set up on the “Hook, Loop & Lock” Facebook Page.

You can also watch various tutorials on the Color Crazy YouTube Channel, ColorCrazy1. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what else you’d like to learn how to make.

Locking Loops Book to Help Women in Zambia

It feels good to give to a good cause. Color Crazy recently donated over $150 worth of locker hooks and supplies to Julie Cheever. Julie is on her way to teach a group of women in Zambia new crafts and she has chosen to take the new “Locking Loops” book on this journey. She is on a volunteer mission to help the poverty stricken women of Zambia by teaching them how to make things to sell so they can start their own businesses. Under the support of the non-profit organization Empower Zambia, Julie and a team of volunteers will be traveling to Zambia this week to start their mission. Julie has volunteered to teach women in Africa in the past. Below is a photo from her trip to Cameroon where she taught women how to sew.

  1. I would so love to win this giveaway. I just purchased this past weekend, your last book and a locker hooking needle to get started. The last book was fantastic. You are so talented. I am so excited about starting my first project. I knit (love yarn) and love to sew (love fabric). Now I can combine both loves into one.

  2. I haven’t done locker hooking in several years. I enjoyed doing it very much. Your book looks very inspirational.

  3. I LOVE locker hooking and have been teaching other how to do this. I would love a new book as I have worn out my others! Found out about the give away through Craft Passion – a fabulous site!

  4. this looks like a lot of fun! Saw your blog mentioned on Craft Passion. Have never tried locker hooking before.

  5. Looks like you’re bringing this art into the 21st century AND doing it with a heart! Good job!

  6. So glad I seen looks like a lot of fun and easy enough for me to do. I have never seen anything like this in my area but would love to be the first to make one, plus how great it would be to win the supplies. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your new book! I had not seen this before, so I am truly excited about this craft! I would love to win the giveaway, and I look forward to seeing more of your tutorials on the youtube channel. I checked out some, and would love to see how to make your denim rug that you showed us. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I had learned how to do Locker hooking from a kit I bought.. so far I made a pillow kit and a red/white and blue rug… I think it is fun and easy

  9. Hello,

    This looks very similar to something I did many years ago. Congratulations on your book being published. It is fantastic that a great cause is getting some help too.
    Happy days.

  10. IHAN sent me,and now I am introduced to this (new to me) technique….and it looks like an exciting technique to add to my list to experience. I would love to add a piece to a purse flap, or the front of a tote bag…maybe to the cover for an Ipad that is in the works….hmmm

  11. I have not tried this yet but have seen it demonstrated. I would love to have a hearth rug and would make one of those.

  12. I have recently bumped into this amazing craft and loved it…but had no idea what it was. How great to come across you site to have the opportunity not only to learn but also to possible have a kickstart into it..the idea of working some of my own designs into a surface for a bag is my first thought. Thank-you.

  13. I think it is wonderful, what Julie is doing.
    I have done some locker hooking, but self taught and would love to do more and learn how to do things besides a line of color. Wonderful prize package.


  14. I have quilted for years and visit online stores, blogs and website but have never heard of locker hooking. I saw your video and love the pillow on the cover of your book. I’m going to check into this. It seems fascinating!

  15. I don’t believe I have tried that yet. I have done latch hook and crochet and ribbon embriodery. Your prize is very generous and it would be fun to try a new project.

  16. I’ve never used locker hooking. Placemats and coasters would be on my list. Congratulations on your book publication! Please enter me into your drawing.

  17. Locker Hooking reminds me of a rug my parents made many, many years ago. I had a look (and liked) your facebook page and would love the chance to win your giveaway. You’ve added a modern touch to the familiarity of my childhood. Would really like to give it a go.

  18. Just discovered locker Hooking and would love to make a rug. Thank you for entering me in this great giveaway.

  19. When our Redwood Stitchers Chapter offered a locker hooking class, I signed up because I needed new hot mats, I had a fabric stash, and I was intrigued with this interesting technique. Lots of texture! I continued to be inspired after watching Theresa’s demonstration at Beverly’s in Santa Rosa, so I bought her first book. It has excellent instructions, photos and projects. I am currently working on my 10th hot mat. The first two are still used on our kitchen table, and they launder easily. The rest of the hot mats I have been giving away as gifts in sets of three. Next I would like to make a bracelet. After that, I want to try locker hooking with ribbon and yarn and make a handbag. I’d love to win the Locking Loops Giveaway.

  20. I bought a locker hooking book at JoAnn Fabrics. I then googled locker hooking and came across Theresa’s YouTube video and thought it was well done. I found her website and ordered a trivet kit and starter kit. It was so fast and easy. Very rewarding. Love the ceramic tiles.

  21. I learned about locker hooking from my mom! 🙂 I’d love to learn to make a journal cover and that book along with the starter kit would be AWESOME to win!! 🙂

  22. I got started with Locker Hooking when I discovered it through a Crafter’s book club. I am always “hunting” for something different…and I found your book, ordered it and began locker hooking. I am happy to have also purchased your second book and I am enjoying it also. I would enjoy winning it for a Christmas present for my cousin. I bought her one of your kits one year. I really enjoy locker hooking and enjoy your artwork and combo of colors! Thanks Theresa for creating these two books. For years I have been hunting some form of
    unique and creative craft……..and I have found it at last!!! Very satisfying!


  23. Congratulations on your new book. Would like to try something from your book!!!

  24. Congratulations on the new book launching, Theresa!!!! I am looking forward to this colorful and inspirational locker hooking projects!!!!

  25. I had never heard of locker hooking until a friend showed me a book that her daughter-in-law had written. I have read it from cover to cover. Now I am working on sets of coasters.

  26. My daughter and I were at a local quilting store and noticed a locker hooked purse laying on a table. We realized that they were offering a class to teach Locker Hooking. Instead of paying for a class, I went home and started researching. That’s how I found your first book. With your book, I was able to make a bracelet. I would LOVE to have a copy of your new book. So, pick me! 🙂

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