Top 10 Easy & Colorful Gift Ideas–#4 Napkin Rings

I love setting the table for a dinner party and getting creative. If you’re having a casual dinner party, why not make it whimsical or fun with different colors schemes and dinnerware for each place setting? Along these lines, locker hooking napkin rings in different colors and designs is a great way to introduce this idea in a fun gift. You can also make matching sets to give. I do think this is the easiest gift so far. I  know… I’ve probably said that before of other designs, but this one is so very simple. They can be made out of any fabric you’d like to recycle too. Below are some design ideas. The napkin ring in the center is the Floral Napkin Ring featured in Locking Loops and is locker hooked out of cotton fabric strips and framed with rayon ribbon or seam binding. The two on the outside are hooked out of recycled silk pieces and Color Crazy Sari Ribbon using the new “ruched frames” technique.  The one on the end I embellished with Color Crazy glass and resin beads.

#4 Locker Hooked Napkin Rings in Different Designs & Colors

Locker Hooked Napkin Rings
Locker Hooked Napkin Rings

Easy to make:

Cut 5-mesh canvas piece: 28 x 13 squares or wider and longer if you want something larger.

Fold over 3 squares on each long side by creasing one row in half to create a firm edge.

You can locker hook first and overlap by four squares to create the circle. Sometimes it’s easier to frame first. If you are going to use the “ruched frames” technique, frame the edges first by whip stitching and then locker hook a row on each end. Proceed to stitch in filling and create the ruched frame by stitching over the filled center space.

Sew in tails. Embellish as desired.