Crocheting Decorative Pillows on Mesh Canvas

We’ve been on a mission to showcase what Color Crazy customers are creating and recently discovered that Kare Peacock was making beautiful crochet pillows on Color Crazy’s 5 Mesh canvas. The pillows are not only colorful, but also have a lovely texture and patterned designs. Kare was also teaching classes so I just had to reach out and learn more.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Kare is all about creating from a mindful perspective. As creators, we often lose sight of what brings us joy and what’s causing stress. I think you’ll find her views on creating insightful and worth noting. Here’s my interview and what Kare had to share…

The Interview: Crochet Pillow Design with a Mindful Focus

Kare, thanks for doing this…would love to know how you got started creating these gorgeous, colorful pillows. What inspires you?

As a crocheter at heart, I wanted to create something with a similar process to latch hooking, locker hooking, and punch needle, but with the familiarity of my favorite crochet hook.

Is this a long-time passion? How long have you been doing this?

I started crocheting on canvas four years ago at the beginning of Covid. Having the extra time on my hands allowed me to be more creative. I had a leftover piece of canvas from a latch hook project that I was never going to finish, so I decided to see what would happen if I used my crochet hook. Crocheting on the canvas gave me a foundation to build my patterns, providing me a different creative lens from the traditional method of crochet.

Your pillow designs and the colors you choose are lovely. How do you develop them? What do you draw inspiration from?

I really enjoy working with shapes and bright colors. My patterns are often inspired by traditional quilt designs. I enjoy having the freedom to choose colors, shapes, and stitches to create texture while also having the structure and framework of the canvas. It’s a very therapeutic and balanced experience to have both freedom and structure when I create.

Is it difficult to create the designs? Do you hand draw, create a diagram before a project, or use any digital applications?

I create diagrams on the Notability app. This application also has a grid filter that I use, which correlates perfectly with the mesh canvas grid pattern.

Choosing Materials & Tools

Are there any yarns or fibers that you recommend for creating pillows? What is your favorite brand, and what size crochet hook do you use?

I enjoy working with worsted weight yarn with the (Color Crazy) 5-mesh canvas and I particularly enjoy working with Spincycle Yarns because I love the color variations in each skein. I use a 3.5mm hook for the pattern, but hook size will depend on the yarn you’re using.

Once the pillow top is crocheted, is it difficult to sew the cover? Can a beginner sew it?

I think anyone can learn to do it! I use the envelope pillow method to sew my pillows, which I learned online from The Spruce Crafts tutorial.

Do you sell your pillow designs? If so, how and where can they be purchased?

I will be opening an Etsy shop soon! In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram @peacockare where I post my makes and news about classes.


It’s great that you teach classes to show others this technique. Can you share more about how you got started teaching?

I also work as a Board-Certified Art Therapist and have had years of teaching experience with all age groups. I enjoy helping others and have always wanted to find ways to spread the joys of crocheting to anyone interested in learning.

Are your classes/workshops open to the public? How often do you teach? Can a pillow be completed in one class?

Most of my crochet classes are held at Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove, CA on Saturdays. I offer private lessons there as well. It generally takes about a month to make a pillow. The process of crocheting on canvas is fun, but it is a slow, mindful process.

Kare recently taught a crochet class on making a Tetris Pillow design on 5-mesh canvas. The pattern is available on Ravelry if you’d like to try it.

“Crafting mindfully is about setting an intention and engaging with creative problem solving…give yourself permission to abandon a project if it’s adding stress to your life, or if it’s not bringing you joy…”

Kare Peacock

A Mindful Approach

In addition to crocheting on mesh canvas, are there any other crafts, art or hobbies that you engage in?

I enjoy making of all types and learning other crafts because it enhances my work as a designer. I frequently mix in sewing, knitting, punch needle, and drawing to my creative practice. For me, I like to think of crafting from a mindfulness perspective instead of focusing too much on the the end product.

I love that you approach creating from a mindfulness perspective. Creating shouldn’t be stressful, yet sometimes we can feel pressured or compelled to finish a project even if it’s not turning out the way we’d like. Any tips you can offer for creatives to keep a mindful focus?

Crafting mindfully is about setting an intention and engaging with creative problem solving. Give yourself permission to abandon a project if it’s adding stress to your life, or if it’s not bringing you joy. You may come back to it or you may not. Letting go is sometimes part of the process.

What are you currently working on and what’s next on your creative calendar?

Laine’s 52 Weeks of Chunky Knitswill include my new crochet vest pattern later this year. I’m also currently designing a cardigan. I design as I make, so there are many things that don’t always turn out, but I enjoy the process!

That’s exciting! Congrats on getting the vest pattern published Kare, and thanks again for spending time sharing your creative process.

crocheting on 5-mesh canvas to create a pillow.
Work in progress: multi-hued pillow crocheted on 5-mesh canvas.

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