Earth Day Inspiration: Turn an Old Shirt Into a Pretty Basket

Earth day was Sunday and it inspired some much needed spring cleaning. I planned to donate clothes we didn’t want when I realized that some of my husband’s shirts would be great for locker hooking. A linen shirt in blue gingham caught my eye. I had to try it right away so…I tore the sleeves into strips and made one of my mini blossom baskets on 5-Mesh canvas. It’s a featured project in my Locking Loops book and a free pattern is available on Color Crazy. I’m calling this the Georgia Peach Blossom Basket. I love the texture of the linen. If you use linen for locker hooking make sure you tear thin strips. I accented with a peach gardenia flower. The Orange Creamsicle Rayon Ribbon from Color Crazy made a perfect fluffy loops accent on the top.  Locker hooking is great for recycling or upcycling if you prefer to call it that. You end up giving old items a new life.

Georgia Peach Mini Blossom Basket--Locker Hooked on 5-Mesh Canvas

Upcycled Locker Hooked Basket Project