Locker Hook a Basket in Bright Colors

I started locker hooking a basket with my ruched frames technique and what developed was a super bright and colorful design. I love the quilted look the ruched frames adds. This is the new technique I introduced in my Locking Loops book. While it took a little time to finish, I learned a few things. One thing is that some baskets–especially if they’re larger– need additional support. You can easily add this with a lining that has a medium to heavy weight stabilizer or iron-on fusible. Also, if you’re going to add a handle, you can create a wider base by folding out and securing your edges. Add piping on the sides with a heavy yarn before you frame the edges to give the handle a sturdier yet smoother edged look.  I also discovered that I love the extra texture jute twine can add. Can’t wait to try this on a tote bag design.

Summer Basket Locker Hooked with Ruched Frames
Basket Locker Hooked with Ruched Frames

I used a 3.3 mesh canvas for a sturdier base and pre-cut strips in Marigold, Tangerine Orange, Turquoise and Chartreuse Lime from Color Crazy. I also used a fluffy cotton/wool blend yarn for nicely padded ruched frames. For the locker hooked frames, I hooked Tangerine Orange with an orange jute twine above for extra texture.


Locker Hooked Pieces for a Basket
The finished locker hooked basket pieces before assembly.

The basket before I added the handle. I am definitely going to add a lining to this basket but only around the inside wall. I think the bottom looks great with the ruched frames.

Inside Basket with Ruched Frames
The bottom of the basket with “ruched frames.”

I shaped the handle and secured the edges with Quick Grip adhesive before I framed them.

Creating Basket Handle
Creating the shape of the basket handle and framing.