Starry Night Hooked Basket with Ceramic

I’ve been wanting to try a locker hooked basket design that also has a ceramic tile accent in the middle. I had finally found a beautiful tile, but couldn’t find the right color fabric to match. I almost made it with something much darker. So glad I kept looking. Thanks to Color Crazy’s Facebook friends, I’m calling this hand-dyed Color Crazy fabric strip, “Twilight.” The basket is called “Starry Night.” The final result is just what I had in mind. I added thin raffia-like ribbon as an accent on the edges. For a while I couldn’t decide whether to leave it without the accent.  Check out images below. Any thoughts?

Locker hooked basket--with or without fringe?
Locker hooked basket–with or without fringe?

The basket is locker hooked on 5-mesh canvas and measures approximately 10″ x 10″.  This design has two “ruched frame” elements. To create a ruffled, fibrous edge as seen here, try a thin rayon raffia ribbon. I’ve locker hooked with raffia before by layering. Great for creating texture. It was so much fun adding this wiry, ruffled look!

I also added extra padding in the side ruched frame panel. I wanted it to feel plush and also bulge out just a bit. In addition to Twilight, I used Caramel and Marigold in hand-dyed strips, and pre-cut natural cotton muslin for the top edge. You know…if you don’t want a basket, you can always just make a trivet. Kits coming to Color Crazy this holiday season!

Stitching "Ruched Frame" on side of basket piece.

Stitching “Ruched Frame” on side of basket piece.

Locker hooked basket pieces ready for assembly
Locker hooked basket pieces ready for assembly
Assembling the sides to the bottom of the locker hooked basket.