Locker Hooking a Vibrant Poinsettia Mat

Color Crazy Poinsettia Mat KitI often create free form locker hooking patterns after I’ve locker hooked the design. This time I did it in reverse. I got on my computer and decided I needed to create a vibrant and festive Poinsettia design. I printed it, chose some vibrant reds and greens from the Color Crazy collection and started locker hooking. A third of the way through, I just wasn’t sure the colors were working and almost pulled some of it out. I kept at it and the flower and leaves when finished looked good, but then I couldn’t pick the right background color. After 4 different colors, I finally settled on the bright Color Crazy Copper color. I’m glad I persevered, because I really like it now. Lesson learned here is that sometimes free form designs don’t look quite right until they’re completely finished.


Locker Hooking Kit and Free Poinsettia Mat Pattern 


I like this one so much, I’ve created a Color Crazy Poinsettia Mat Kit  you can buy with or without tools, and a free pattern download with instructions.
A few tips: When locker hooking design elements in free form design you often end up hooking small designs in the same colors. It’s best to travel your locking medium and fabric strips to keep things neater. Just make sure you don’t cross over unhooked areas with fabric strips. Locking medium can also be traveled on the front side through loops.

All those tails! The reverse side of free form designs can end up looking super messy. If you’re going to be covering the back with fabric or felt, there’s no need to sew all the tails in. Just use adhesive to secure them when attaching the backing.

Free form designs are fun to display on easels or in frames. I like displaying mine on an easel. You can find wrought iron and wood easels on Amazon. This Poinsettia design is so vibrant and festive, it reminds me of the bright colors in Peruvian embroidery. Perfect to put on display for the holidays.

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