Loopy Twine For Coasters & Mats

The idea of using twine had been in the back of my mind for some time. I’d love to have the time to locker hook an entire rug using jute twine–maybe sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I thought I would try something smaller, and when the new Color Crazy Dahlia tiles came in, I just had to give it a try. The Dahlia ceramic tiles were created with a raised relief motif that I designed.┬áTo mimic the raised relief look, I locker hooked rows of twine slightly raised above the fabric rows. I just loved the look so much, I had to hook a set for a birthday gift for my Mom. I used the Poppana in Red Linen for the larger design below.

A trio I locker hooked for my Mom’s gift. The large is hooked with Poppana strips & twine.
The Color Crazy Dahlia tiles in Red & Ivory

With the jute twine, it’s all about the texture; and it pairs so well with the hand-dyed Color Crazy fabric strips. I used the Hibiscus color for the red designs and the Copenhagen Blue for the blue dahlias.

The Color Crazy Dahlia Tiles in Blue & Ivory

It sure is fun and pretty easy to hook with twine.The texture you create is so natural and unlike any effect you can get with yarn or fabric.

How To Locker Hook with Twine

If you’d like to give it a try, just use 5-mesh canvas and a double string of twine when locker hooking–similar to what you would do with yarn to bulk it up. Choose some hand-dyed, vibrant fabric strips to add contrast in your design. ┬áColor Crazy has twine available in a variety of colors in 40 yds and 100 yd spools. For these designs, I chose the natural bark colored twine. I locker hooked rows that were approx 3/8″ high–almost 1/2″h– with the twine, and 1/4″ high with the fabric strips. I finished the edges with rayon ribbon for a nice polished look.

You can also buy the Color Crazy Dahlia trivet kits with all materials.


After I finished the trivets, I just had to try a monogrammed coaster so I hooked one with the fabric strips in the Kaleidoscope color and the twine in soft white and bark. I think it’s time to make a set of these and then give that rug idea a try.

Locker hooked monogrammed coaster with twine and fabric strips.


Post updated April 16: added link to Color Crazy Dahlia trivet kits.