Colorful Giveaways–Honoring Craft Month with Color Crazy Fridays

Did you know March is craft month? How fun is that? In honor of crafting, Color Crazy is giving away complete kits to create beautiful locker hooked designs. One for every week of the month. The first giveaway is the pattern and materials to make the Scallop Frame Trivet below with a crocheted frame and glass tile accent. I’ll also include an autographed copy of Locking Loops. You can find the free pattern on Color Crazy. Yes, you can add crochet accents to locker hooked designs. I’m thinking a runner would be exceptionally beautiful. To win post on this blog about why you like locker hooking and I’ll select a winner at the end of each week on what I’ll call “Color Crazy Fridays.”  I’ll choose the first winner on 3/9. Stay tuned for more designs and giveaways each Friday this month.

Trivet with locker hooking & crochet
Scallop Frame Trivet--Locker Hooked & Crocheted
  1. Very Cute Bunny! I’ve made a couple bangles (which are great), and am starting a set of coasters. Great possibilities. Thanks!

  2. Actually, I am really interested in this for a friend who is semi-disabled and currently doing the hoop knitting. This would let her get some variety into her crafting.

    1. Hi Judy,

      I am going to enter you in this next week’s giveaway. The deadline for each weekly giveaway is Friday. Three more giveaways to go. 🙂

  3. I just placed an order to get started on this fab looking craft. The colors are beautiful. I’ve done alot of fabric jewelry, but by far I think this will be my favorite. Can’t wait to create and start selling.

  4. I love this craft because I already recycle old pieces of saris into beautiful hair flowers so I’d love to make some matching bracelets with sari ribbon too! I used to play around with my mom’s rug hooking kits back in the day and this sort of reminds me of that, only way cooler.

  5. I am so excited to tell you why I love locker hooking… because my friends and family are tired of hearing me rave about it. First of all, this craft is EASY to learn (thanks to Theresa’s books and YouTube videos). Second, it’s so simple to start and actually finish projects. I just use a marker to DRAW my pattern on a canvas (can you say “no counting required”). I get some free mental therapy as I tear fabric into strips (ahhh, tearing). Locker Hooking beats knitting and crochetting because I can use any fiber I want – even my sheltie’s fur… just kidding… sort of.

    1. Jan, great to hear that you too love tearing strips. For me, there’s no other way. And sometimes when edges fray they actually look amazing in designs. 🙂

  6. I think locker hooking is a great way to use up fabric that would not be used for anything else, plus it is so simple to learn! Now if I could only figure out why my strips just do not want to tear nicely…

  7. I love the locker hooking because I can make the most beautiful gifts! It is great for me as I am not straining my eyes to see what I am doing. Even though I am just starting out so far I have two friends that have just started ‘hooking’ and love the hooking and the endless opportunities for creating!!

  8. I first learned of this craft about a month ago, from a friend of a friend. And every time we show someone a project they want to learn too! I love this craft! I’ve made a coaster, a trivit, and have just started a table runner! I can’t wait to try a bangle bracelet, bag, book cover and of coarse a rug! It’s great to work on while watching t.v. with my family. I feel like I’m doing something constructive while I am relaxing! Also it gets my creative juices flowing thinking ofwhat I can do next!

  9. My Mom introduced me to locker hooking and I can’t wait to learn more about it! 🙂 It’s completely different than anything I’ve ever seen before!! 🙂 This kit would be a great way for me to get started!

  10. I just recently came across Locker Looping (three weeks ago). After watching the You Tube video my mind just went wild with ideas. Home decor, wearables, unlimited….

    If you have tension troubles or blocking troubles with crocheting or knitting; this is most definitely for you!

    Locker Looping and Theresa Pulido’s website has reinvoragted my crafting mojo!

    1. Lourdes, you are so right. Locker hooking opens up so many possibilities…While I like knitting and crochet, locker hooking will inspire you to create all sorts of things.

  11. I wanted to add the reason I like locker hooking is it amazes me how you can take that ugly rug canvas and turn it into something so SOFT and BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Hey Theresa, I have fallen in love with locker hooking. I just need to do it more and would love to win this kit to get me started again. And most especially, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a copy of your new book, Locking Loops. Thanks for this giveaway! Have a great day! Denise

  13. I love the durability of it. I love the portability of it. AND I love the color patterns and options that give an endless amount of possibilities.

      1. Yes, and a perfect way to get rid of the old ragged jeans I’ve been saving and collecting too! I’m just getting into the craft, so your youtube videos are so helpful!

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