Locker Hooking a Rug with Varied Textures

The idea for this rug was to play with varied materials to produce different textures when locker hooked. I chose wool roving yarn, pre-cut cotton muslin,  Color Crazy pre-cut Vintage Weave cotton strips, torn osnaburg–an old favorite due to it’s rather distressed look–and also added torn silk strips for the center accents. Love the way it turned out and it’s so cushy underfoot too.  It’s actually a small rug but I’m thinking of locker hooking more squares and making it bigger.

locker-hooked-aqua-squares-rug-comp-pulido-theresaLocker hooking squares for a rug. Stitched together by wrapping edges.

This is the kind of rug design that calls for locker hooking different squares and then stitching them together. It’s a great way to grow a rug, but if you just want a particular size, you can locker hook the squares design on one piece of canvas. I used the 3.3 Mesh which made for some quick hooking and extra plush loops. I also chain crocheted the yarn for some extra cushy texture. Discovered this idea from Frances Carter on the Locker Hooking Group on Facebook. And what a great discovery! It’s a great technique for using yarns to add a plush feel to rugs. Great for locker hooking pillow designs too.


This design was locker hooked on 3.3 mesh canvas with 1″w torn osnaburg strips, 3/4″w pre-cut Color Crazy muslin strips, wool roving yarn in low tide and natural colors, Vintage Weave Pre-Cut Fabric Strips in Cornsilk and Twig,  and torn deep turquoise silk strips (taken from the Carnival package of Sari Ribbon Strips). I found these squares super fast to hook. The rug is a door mat size at 18″ x 28″. It can be grown by adding more squares. This feels so good, it needs to be bigger. Time to hook some more!

Locker Hooked Aqua Squares Rug
Locker Hooked Aqua Squares Rug